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WxVision Existing Camera Integration


1) How Does it Work?

The WxVision platform supports 25+ different camera manufacturers to allow plug and play integration of both IP or SDI cameras.

WMVision can provide either a Media Encoder at your existing camera site or a Multi Encoder at the station to assist with integration of the existing cameras. The Media (or Multi) Encoder allows the cameras to interface seamlessly like any other camera in the network.

2) Why Integrate Your Existing Cameras

The WxVision platform supports 25+ different camera manufacturers to allow plug and play integration of both IP or SDI cameras.

3) How Does this Improve Security

The typical model of integrating remote cameras is to place the camera on a public IP Address with an open port (aka hole in the firewall). This is a highly insecure approach to camera integration. Most IP Cameras were designed to be closed loop security cameras not on the public Internet. Frequently the firmware is years out of date and can provide an attack vector into your network. The WMVision Media Encoder provides a highly secure interface to ensure the cameras are not publicly accessible and a layer of security.

Learn More About the Benefits of WxVision's Security Model


5) How Does this Improve the User Experience

Many stations have a variety of cameras types and different access methods, without a centralized resource for contolling the cameras. By integrating your existing cameras into the platform, it provides ease of workflow by allowing all of your cameras to “look the same” to the end user.

6) Do I have to go to each site and place a Media Encoder at the site?

This is not a requirement, we have a rack-mounted multi-encoder that can be placed at the station an integrate numerous existing cameras, but for optimal security we recommend placing the device at the existing camera locations. The per camera cost is roughly the same for the Media Encoder or the Multi Encoder.

WxVision Media Encoder

  1. Linux based streaming and security device
  2. Doesn’t require a public IP Address or Holes in the firewall.
  3. Optimizes bandwidth
  4. Up to 48 hours of edge DVR capabilities
  5. Option for SDI input for existing camera integration.

Non-WxVision Cameras Used by Clients

** It is important to confirm with WMVision support with your specific camera model, to ensure compatibility and feature availability within the WxVision platform. **

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