Camera Network that drives Revenue & Content

WMVision is the leader in delivering feature-rich, sky-camera networks, specifically designed for television stations. Not only does the system provide the standard technical camera network requirements, but it also comes loaded with unique features.



  • Gain multiple streams of revenue with sponsorships
  • 2-5 times ROI
  • Complete system usable by the news, weather, and digital teams
  • Helps TV stations connect with their communities/viewers
  • Enhance your presentation and your brand
  • No hidden costs, upfront pricing, and full warranty


  • Unique ways to sell sponsorships with additional inventory items
  • Personalized Sponsorship Assistance Program
  • Over 80% sponsor renewal rate

Fully Automated Solution

  • 24/7 support with RMA cross-shipment
  • Multifunctional, full-featured solution at no additional cost
  • Proven record of camera deployments lasting over 25 years
  • Integrates with your station’s infrastructure

Create Compelling Stories

  • Tell the story of weather coming into and out of your viewing area
  • Capture breaking news in your viewing area
  • Tell the complete news and weather story with time-lapses, archived video, and direct social media integration
  • Integrates with your station’s systems
  • WxVision MediaHub tells the stories outside of your viewing area

Share Unique Content

  • Live web streaming helps you connect with your website viewers
  • Pre-roll helps you gain and enhance existing offerings
  • Personalized Sponsorship Assistance Program helps you get the most out of this digital asset
  • Full integration between on-air and online tools

Let’s talk about how we can help your station boost revenue by implementing a camera network.



By providing relevant local, live video from concerts, festivals, news events, traffic, and, of course, weather.

Increase Customer

By placing a camera in outlying communities, your station can gain loyalty within those communities, by showing them on air.


Implement a camera network that can be used across all departments; weather, news, marketing, and digital.

Return on

Let the system pay for itself with up to 5x ROI in the first two years.


Expand your content’s reach
with FLEXChannel

FLEXChannel is a highly effective content management system that allows your station to repurpose content already created at your station. Simultaneously distribute your digital offerings, including traditional D2 channels, OTT, and web streaming. FLEXChannel enables your station to target specific communities and extend your station’s brand, enhancing your traditional reach on various platforms. The additional distribution of your station’s brand and content delivers a wider variety of avenues for your viewers to connect with you and creates new revenue-generating opportunities.


"We love your cameras! And your support is fantastic; your support team far exceed our expectations! They’re great at identifying and informing us of potential problems, even before we know."
Bruno Cruz, El Paso, TX
"Our WMVision cameras enable us to create hyper-local weathercasts on-air and online, giving our viewers real-time data from key communities we are targeting for audience growth. In addition to the weather applications, the cameras provide great traffic and beauty shots that enhance our coverage on all platforms."
Ian Rubin, News Director, Saginaw, MI
"WMVision, for us, has been very successful over the years providing NewsChannel 5 with a product unique to the Nashville television market. Our viewers comment on how much they enjoy seeing their city during the newscasts which enhances viewer loyalty. Our camera network has played a part in helping us remain the #1 station in the market."
Mark Martin, News Operations, Nashville, TN
"What an asset our relationship with WMVision has been. Implementing the WMVision Camera Network has been a profound success. We have been able to generate huge non-traditional revenue thru the sponsorship of your cameras. We are proud to have the cameras on our website and included in our news. We see this network of cameras growing to cover a larger portion of our DMA and help deliver still more revenue to the bottom line."
Will Hammond, General Manager Jackson, MS

24x7x365 SUPPORT

You should never need to worry about the products you purchase from WMVision. We handle those worries for you by providing remote system monitoring. Often, we discover and fix a problem before you even know about it. We free up your engineering staff’s time, allowing them to focus on other projects. The highest quality support is just a phone call away, available on your schedule, not ours.

Our technicians are always available, 24x7x365,
ensuring great service for you.

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