7 reasons to consider WxVision camera software

With the need to gain sponsorship revenue and use cameras on multiple platforms, getting the most out of your station’s cameras can be a time-consuming and overwhelming task. Implementing WxVision software into your station’s cameras can help you expand the potential of your cameras by sharing content with multiple departments, generating additional sponsorship revenue, and saving your station valuable engineering time to upkeep your network. There is no need to overhaul your entire system, with WxVision, you can upgrade your existing equipment and enhance your broadcast capabilities.

1. Ability to Generate More Revenue

With WxVision, your cameras can be used by multiple departments at your station, and you will now have access to more than 700 cameras with the WxVision MediaHub. Your camera network becomes more valuable as you can gain more sponsorship dollars for your network, and we can show you how. Automated logo placement, hosted web streaming, and pre-roll advertisements on LIVE web streaming allow additional revenue generation sources.

2. System Control

Cloud-based access can be granted to anyone at your station, to set up and maintain all system functions. With WxVision, other departments within your station, such as news, digital, and marketing can access your cameras.

3. Ease of Use

Simple and straightforward, the WxVision software is intuitively designed for maximum control and content output, requiring minimal staff time.

4. Local content features

Quickly create time lapses, post to social media, and access to archived video are just a few of the many features available with WxVision software.

5. National Camera Network

The WxVision MediaHub gives stations access to 700+ cameras for on-air use. With the power to tap into all networks, MediaHub cameras help you tell better news and weather stories.

6. Industry Leading Support

Free up your engineering staff and allow them to focus on other mission-critical projects; we’ve got your camera network covered. We proactively monitor your system and often fix issues before you even know that they exist. If you need to call us, our phones are answered by live support personnel, 24x7x365.

7. Connection Security

Connections do not require firewall modifications, open ports, or port forwarding, providing both the station and the site a high level of security.

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