WMVision: Fourth Quarter Newsletter

Slow Panning and Patrols

Are you taking full advantage of WxVision Pro2 PTZ and Prime3’s capabilities to patrol and slow pan during your broadcast? Adding dynamic movement to your on-air segments is a great way to show off more of your DMA, and make your audience feel like they are moving through the story of your broadcast with you.

To add patrols or slow pans to your time-lapse or video clips, simply choose the “dynamic panning” preset in the PTZ menu of your WxVision dashboard. Dynamic panning presets allow you to move your camera any number of degrees, from 1 to 24 hours, to create moving time-lapse videos or clips.

If you have any questions about how to fully utilize this feature, please contact our 24x7x365 support line at 800.869.6629 or support@wmvision.com.

Temporary Camera Placements

Have you ever thought of changing a camera location to highlight a temporary attraction or popular event in your market? Temporary camera placements are a great way to show your audience what is happening in your area, during short-term attractions or events. WMVision camera sites are easy to take down and set back up, all in one day, allowing you to share more of your market with your audience. See how WMVision clients have utilized temporary camera placements this year to showcase popular events and attractions in their area.

Talk to our support team about showcasing temporary events and attractions at our 24x7x365 support line at 800.869.6629 or support@wmvision.com.

Get to Know Your Support Team - Andrew Boyce

Meet Andrew Boyce. Andrew has been a part of the WMVision, formerly Weather Metrics Support Team for 10 Years! Back in 2011, Andrew took a job on the Support Team at Weather Metrics as an opportunity to further his skills set. In his 10 years at Weather Metrics, now WMVision, Andrew has loved seeing all the hardware improvements made, increasing the quality and reliability of WxVision cameras, servers, and smart encoders. Andrew is now the Production and Support Manager at WMVision, where he oversees the department responsible for all assembly and fulfillment of new orders. He also leads the WMVision Support Team to find the best solutions for our client’s problems!

Pro1 vs. Pro2 Camera Comparison Gallery

If you are currently using legacy or Pro1 cameras, it might be time to upgrade! These newer models of cameras offer clearer pictures, low lux enhancements, better video, and a 1080p option. See how WMVision clients have improved their camera quality by upgrading to WxVision Pro2 or Prime3 models!

Centerville, IA

Pro1 vs. Pro2

Silver Mountain Resort, ID

Legacy vs. Pro2

Doylestown, PA

Pro1 vs. Pro2

WMVision Support is Here for You

You should never need to worry about the products you purchase from WMVision. We handle those worries for you by providing remote system monitoring. Often, we discover and fix a problem before you even know about it. We free up your engineering staff’s time, allowing them to focus on other projects. The highest quality support is just a phone call away, available on your schedule, not ours.

Our technicians are always available, 24x7x365, ensuring great service for you.

Call us today at 800.869.6629 or email us at support@wmvision.com.