WMVision: Third Quarter Newsletter

Feature Highlight: Screen Transitions

Building a dynamic rundown is an important part of your on-air weather and news presentations. By utilizing the Screen Transitions feature when building your rundown, you can amplify your storytelling capabilities as you move through your presentation. Change the type of transition and the duration that best suits the rundown you are building with just a few clicks!

If you have any questions about how to fully utilize screen transitions, please contact our 24x7x365 support line at 800.869.6629 or email us at support@wmvision.com.

Feature Highlight: DVR

For customers who have upgraded their servers to our Linux-based Operating System, Version 10.4 of WxVision software includes a NEW feature, DVR. The DVR tab contains the last 24 hours of video from your camera that can be used on-air, shared to social media platforms, or saved to your server for archive. Unlike the existing clips feature, the DVR feature allows you to save ALL of the video from events that are captured by your cameras.

If you are interested in adding this feature to your WxVision system, or are a Windows OS-based customer, and would like to discuss upgrading your servers to Linux OS to unlock this feature and many others, please CLICK HERE To contact our Affiliate Relations Manager, Justin Price.

On-Air Examples

Using MediaHub On-Air:

The WMVision MediaHub gives you worldwide camera network access to over 700 cameras for use in your on-air news and weather segments. See how WMVision client, WGCL in Atlanta, GA, used MediaHub to amplify their coverage of Hurricane Ida in New Orleans.

Be sure that you are taking full advantage of this asset to become your news and weather leader in your area, presenting the most valuable information to your audience. WMVision is constantly working to deliver you the best, end-to-end camera network solution, and utilizing MediaHub in your broadcasts can help you tell a better news and weather story.



Multiple Server Output On-Air:

The WMVision team is always working to develop our solution to best serve our clients, and new innovations are constantly being made to improve on-air presentation tools. WxVision server 5.0 is capable of enhancing your news and weather presentations by showing your viewers up to four camera views in your area at once, during your live broadcast. See WMVision client, WXIA, is using multiple outputs to share more of their DMA with their audience.

If your station is interested in upgrading to WxVision server 5.0 with quad output capabilities, please CLICK HERE to contact our Affiliate Relations Manager, Justin Price.



On-Air Time-Lapse:

Are you taking full advantage of the existing features in WxVision software? Building time-lapse videos for your broadcast can be a helpful tool for engaging your audience and telling a more cohesive weather story. Be sure to add your branding or sponsorship to the time-lapse! Check out how WMVision client, WHAS, is utilizing time-lapse video to enhance their on-air story-telling capabilities!

If you have any questions about how to fully utilize these features, please contact our 24x7x365 support line at 800.869.6629 or email us at support@wmvision.com.



Pro1 vs. Pro2 Camera Comparison Gallery

If you are currently using legacy cameras, it might be time to upgrade! These newer models of cameras offer clearer pictures, low lux enhancements, better video, and a 1080p option. See how WMVision clients have improved their camera quality by upgrading to WxVision Pro2 or Prime3 models!

Honolulu, HI

Pro1 vs. Pro2

Atlanta, GA

Pro1 vs. Pro2

Middletown, RI

Pro1 vs. Pro2

WMVision Support is here for you

You should never need to worry about the products you purchase from WMVision. We handle those worries for you by providing remote system monitoring. Often, we discover and fix a problem before you even know about it. We free up your engineering staff’s time, allowing them to focus on other projects. The highest quality support is just a phone call away, available on your schedule, not ours.

Our technicians are always available, 24x7x365, ensuring great service for you.

Call us today at 800.869.6629 or email us at support@wmvision.com.