WMVision: Second Quarter Newsletter

WxVision Version 10.4 & 9.6 Updates

The WMVision Development team is constantly working to deliver the best products to you, our customers. A new version of WxVision software is being launched for both Windows and Linux-based users, with new features and functionalities to help you amplify your news and weather broadcasts.

New Feature Highlight: MediaHub Keyword Search

Historically, when searching for a specific camera in MediaHub, you have only been able to search based on location. With the newest version of WxVision software, you are now able to browse through MediaHub and search for cameras by keywords.

Imagine you are running a story during your broadcast about the rise in summer travel and you would like to feature one of MediaHub’s cameras showcasing a crowded beachfront. In the past, you would only be able to utilize that camera in your broadcast if you knew the name of the camera, or where it was located. Now, you can use the keyword search to look for cameras tagged “beach” to easily search for cameras with that landscape. MediaHub cameras are categorized by a variety of keywords, whether it’s “cityscape” or “bridges”, be sure to utilize this feature to amplify your news and weather broadcasts.

Existing Feature Highlight: Time-lapse Builder

Are you taking full advantage of the existing features in WxVision software? Building time-lapse videos for your broadcast can be a helpful tool for engaging your audience and telling a more cohesive weather story.

WxVision software allows you to build and share time-lapses, with just a few minutes of setup. There are several ways to create a time-lapse video for use in your news and weather broadcasts. First, use the “Timespan Slider” to select your desired time-lapse length within the last 48 hours. You can also build a time-lapse by choosing the time range or date range you desire. Be sure to add your branding or sponsorship to the time-lapse!

If you have any questions about how to fully utilize these features, please contact our 24x7x365 support line at 800.869.6629 or support@wmvision.com.

Easy to Launch & Cost-Effective Digital Solutions

Is your station looking to launch a new multicast channel? Look no further than FLEX Channel by WMVision! FLEX Channel is your go-to solution for a hassle-free, digital launch. With multiple output options such as HDSDI, Multicast, live web streaming, and OTT app integration, FLEX Channel is sure to solve all of your distribution needs. Easily integrate and schedule pre-recorded and live content such as high school sports, community events, hyper-local weather data (which is included), and more. Reach out today to get a one-on-one consultation to see which FLEX channel solution is perfect for your station’s needs.

If your station is interested in adding FLEX Channel as an additional way to distribute your message, please CLICK HERE to contact our Director of Business Development for FLEX Channel, Daniel Despot.

Adding LIVE Weather Data to Your Broadcast

Integrating WMVision’s family of data sensors can help amplify your broadcast with LIVE, hyper-local weather and air quality information from your viewing area. With continuous live reporting of weather and air quality measurements at key locations within your market, WxVision data sensors work seamlessly with your camera network to amplify your broadcast. A WxVision camera network with data enhances your local viewer experience and provides reliable air quality, wind speed, and humidity measurements.

If you are interested in adding dynamic weather data to your broadcast, please CLICK HERE to contact our Affiliate Relations Manager, Justin Price.

Legacy/Pro1 vs. Pro2 Camera Comparison Gallery

Atlanta, GA

Pro1 vs. Pro2

Dickson, TN

Legacy vs. Pro2

Narragansett, RI

Pro1 vs. Pro2

WMVision Support is here for you

You should never need to worry about the products you purchase from WMVision. We handle those worries for you by providing remote system monitoring. Often, we discover and fix a problem before you even know about it. We free up your engineering staff’s time, allowing them to focus on other projects. The highest quality support is just a phone call away, available on your schedule, not ours.

Our technicians are always available, 24x7x365, ensuring great service for you.

Call us today at 800.869.6629 or email us at support@wmvision.com.