WMVision: First Quarter Newsletter

The WxVision MediaHub

The WMVision MediaHub gives you worldwide camera network access to over 700 cameras for use in your on-air news and weather segments. Be sure that you are taking full advantage of this asset to become a news and weather leader in your area, presenting the most valuable information to your audience. WMVision is constantly working to deliver you the best end-to-end camera network solution, and utilizing MediaHub in your broadcasts can help you tell a better news and weather story.

The WxVision MediaHub gives you:

  • Access to content from a global network of cameras
  • View the map feature to see what is trending or “near me”
  • NEW content and cameras added every day

If you have any questions about how to fully utilize this feature, please contact our 24x7x365 support line at 800.869.6629 or support@wmvision.com.

New Additions to The WxVision MediaHub

Port Canaveral - Brevard County, FL

Hartsfield-Jackson Airport - Atlanta, GA

Target Field - Minneapolis, MN

Is it time to upgrade?

Over the course of the last few years, WMVision has been working hard at continuing to develop our solution based on your feedback. We have rolled out a new server, server 5.0. By upgrading to this server, you will gain:

  • Quad Output – Enhance your news and weather presentations by showing your viewers multiple camera views in your area at once, during your live broadcast.
  • Linux OS – In January 2020, Windows 7 servers discontinued the security updates that were previously in place. Upgrading to Linux OS will keep your servers and encoders secure, and will make them less vulnerable to outside attacks.

Our latest models of cameras are the WxVision Pro2 Fixed, WxVision Pro2 PTZ, and the WxVision Prime3. If you are currently using legacy cameras, it might be time to upgrade. These newer models offer clearer pictures, low lux enhancements, better video, and a 1080p option.

If you are interested in upgrading your broadcast server or remote cameras, please CLICK HERE to contact your Affiliate Relations Manager, Justin Price.

Weather Metrics is now WMVision

In early February 2021, Weather Metrics announced that it has gone through an extensive rebrand, and is changing its name to WMVision. This rebrand has been influenced by research to better reflect the evolution of the company over the past 24 years.

“Rebranding of Weather Metrics to WMVision will be an important part of our growth strategy in the coming years. Over the past 20+ years our name, Weather Metrics, has served us well, but as we move forward and expand into new business verticals we need a brand that better represents who we are,” said Peter Levy, the Founder and President of Weather Metrics & WMVision. “We want to reassure our current and future clients that we are not going anywhere. We are the same great company, with the same hardworking team, and the same ownership. Our name change better reflects who we are as a company, and more accurately represents the industries we serve.”

WMVision, our new identity, reflects the legacy of Weather Metrics while creating a more accurate representation of who we are moving forward.  In retaining the WM, we pay homage to our roots and provide continuity for our existing clients, while the addition of Vision helps create a stronger impact for future first impressions defining who we are.

“We are now WMVision, the same great company as Weather Metrics, with a name that better represents the different industries we serve. We are excited for our future as WMVision and where, we as a company, can continue to innovate and serve our customers with the best products and customer service available,” says Peter Levy.


The History of WMVision, formerly Weather Metrics

Founded in 1996 by Peter Levy, Weather Metrics first developed weather monitoring systems for golf course management. Weather sensors were established throughout the country and it was not long before a few local broadcast stations requested access to this new weather data network. Seeing the potential in broadcast, Weather Metrics began to develop products to specifically assist local television stations to better connect with their viewers.

Today, Weather Metrics and WMVision, are proud to partner with clients from diverse industries, including television, tourism, snow ski, governmental agencies, cable television, radio, and construction.

WMVision Support is here for you

You should never need to worry about the products you purchase from WMVision. We handle those worries for you by providing remote system monitoring. Often, we discover and fix a problem before you even know about it. We free up your engineering staff’s time, allowing them to focus on other projects. The highest quality support is just a phone call away, available on your schedule, not ours.

Our technicians are always available, 24x7x365, ensuring great service for you.

Call us today at 800.869.6629 or email us at support@wmvision.com.