The WMVision Advantage

Getting the most out of your station’s remote cameras can be time-consuming and overwhelming for your producers, on-air talent, and engineering team. WMVision is here to help – we are dedicated to providing you with the most secure, reliable, and valuable remote camera network platform available today!

Make Your Remote Camera Network More Valuable

WMVision offers an array of additional options for your station. We have partnered with hundreds of TV stations around the United States and Canada and would love to help you gain the most from a remote camera network! We can integrate your existing IP-based cameras into the WXVision software and help you get the most revenue through our sponsorship assistance guide.

Access to More Cameras

WMVision customers have access to over 750 additional WXVision cameras in MediaHub. Those cameras can also be integrated into the system, allowing you to turn a few cameras into over 60,000! If you already have access to other camera networks and/or third-party cameras, just provide us with the licensing key. They can be integrated!

More Users Have Access

Now your digital, news, control room, weather teams, and others can access your remote cameras, helping you get the most out of your capital investments. With role-based permissions, everyone at the station who needs access will have it, with users having access to just the components in the system that are required.

Stronger Security

The WMVision solution uses SmartEncoders™ at remote camera sites to “firewall” cameras from any internet-attached networks. It prevents any vulnerabilities lurking in an IP camera from putting your network and infrastructure at risk. Our station security protections start with Single Sign-on (SSO) integration. It includes IP-based restrictions, a Linux-based operating system, and 24/7 monitoring.

Industry Leading Support

You can free up your engineering staff and allow them to focus on other mission-critical projects; while we cover your camera network. We proactively monitor your system and often fix issues remotely before you know they exist. If you need to call us, our phones are answered by live support personnel 24/7.

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