What is Michigan Travel TV?

Michigan Travel TV is a television channel that delivers valuable information to travelers in and around your state, broadcasting 24x7x365. This hyperlocal television channel delivers travel information about area destinations, road conditions, and weather through multiple distribution channels such as Welcome Center TVs, streaming platforms like Roku and FireTV, and is shared on partner websites around your state.




TravelMI.tv in Welcome Centers

Welcome Centers are strategically placed around your state to share the most valuable information with travelers as they pass through. Michigan Travel TV channels will play on 55″ televisions in the high traffic lobby areas of 14 Michigan Welcome Centers and Rest Areas. Aligning your message with trusted organizations like the Michigan Department of Transportation and State Tourism Authorities, like Pure Michigan and the West Michigan Tourist Association, allows you to increase your marketing impressions by delivering valuable information directly to tourists. Share your business with new viewers and join this innovative way to deliver your message and attract new customers.



TravelMI.tv on the Internet

  • Unlike traditional television advertising, Michigan Travel TV allows your organization to increase marketing impressions and drive traffic to your business via simultaneous circulation of your message across a wide range of distribution channels.
  • Michigan Travel TV can be found on the web with a dedicated, state-branded website, in addition to many partner websites, allowing viewers to access vital travel information while they are on the road.
  • Drive website viewers to information such as directions to your location, hours of operation, or special offers to drive business.


Michigan Travel TV on Streaming Channels

As travelers look for valuable information during their research, Michigan Travel TV helps expose potential visitors to your content with distribution on popular streaming services. Michigan Travel TV is currently on Roku and FireTV, with AppleTV and AndroidTV coming soon, providing additional marketing impressions for your business. Share your message with travelers, when and where they need it most, and take this valuable opportunity to get on their bucket list!




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