WMVision introduces FLEX Channel, a fully automated “TV Channel in a box”. This solution allows you to distribute production quality information, video, and advertising to your target market. This system is currently being used in multiple industries to deliver information to the people that need it most. Imagine being able to extend your reach through a traditional platform such as television without the traditional complications or expense. Imagine running your TV Channel everywhere; on Smart TVs, on cable TV, in browsers being viewed on PCs, tablets, and across mobile devices.


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Feature rich

Customized look & feel, tickers, ad-rolls, and brand overlays.

No upfront Capital

Monthly subscription model allows you to equalize your expenses.


Everything you need to push your channel live in a short period of time.


Revenue generating tool that distributes your content across many platforms.


This highly effective, content management solution allows the cable network to repurpose, readily available content along with customized content created in your community, into a 24×7 digital channel for your cable company. FLEX allows you to create your own programming and offer it on all of your digital offerings including traditional cable channels, OTT, and LIVE web simultaneously. FLEX is being used by cable companies to offset the high cost of “pay per sub” content channels with a flat rate model.


FLEX is a highly effective, content management system that allows your station to repurpose content, already created at the station. Distribute your digital offerings, including traditional D2 channels, OTT, and web streaming simultaneously. FLEX enables your station to target specific communities and extend your station’s brand, enhancing your traditional reach on a wide variety of platforms. The additional distribution of your station’s brand and content delivers a wider variety of avenues for your viewers to connect with you and creates new revenue-generating opportunities.


The FLEX Channel is a fully automated “TV Channel in a box” solution, allowing you to share your existing marketing content through an innovative online viewing experience. FLEX Channel delivers your content and events to viewers around the world with a live channel.

  • Feature Rich – Customized look & feel, tickers, ad-rolls, and branded overlays
  • No Upfront Capital Requirements – Monthly subscription provides predictable expenses
  • Turn-Key – You provide the content and we do the rest for a quick and easy implementation
  • Closed Loop – Content management solution which provides distribution of your content and helps you generate revenue


Imagine your audience being about to “See” your station. This Content management and distribution system helps radio stations add another dimension to their broadcasts by incorporating a “Television Channel in a Box.” This system allows the station to repurpose content already created at the station, as well as create new content (video) and distribute it across multiple mediums. FLEX allows the station to extend the station’s brand, enhancing its traditional reach on a wide variety of platforms. The additional distribution of the station’s brand and content delivers the station’s content to a wider variety of viewers and creates many revenue-generating opportunities.


This highly effective, content management system provides a unique distribution method for you to deliver your message on a wide variety of platforms. FLEX allows you to distribute your content and information to an unlimited number of locations from a single system. The flexibility of this content management system allows you to distribute a wide variety of content, i.e. video, RSS feeds, graphics, etc. at a very affordable price. The customization feature allows a general message to be sent while providing the ability to tailor the message, pricing, information, etc. at the end delivery point. Unlimited distribution on a wide variety of platforms, 24×7 support, ease of programming, and low cost make FLEX a very powerful Digital Signage solution.


Delivering up-to-date weather and road conditions to the driving public is key to the state Department of Transportation. Flex is helping these agencies communicate this message at local Welcome Centers and on the internet, through this “Television Channel in a Box” solution. Through a unique partnership between WMVision, the local Destination Marketing Organizations, and the DOT, travelers are in the know – all with no cost to the Department of Transportation.

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"The Weather Metrics staff made launching our local weather channel easy. The system was installed efficiently, and we went on the air quickly. The support and service people have been fast at responding to our questions and issues. The FlexChannel system has exceeded our expectations for ease of operation."
Janet Mason, General Manager, Grand Rapids, MI
"There are a variety of sponsorship options with our FlexChannel system. The system has allowed us to find the right combination for our station to optimize our revenue stream. FlexChannel is very flexible allowing us to change our future sponsorship approach to meet the market needs."
Todd Brown, General Sales Manager Las Vegas, NV
"FlexChannel provided us a high-quality, yet affordable weather radar solution. The set up was painless and the system has been very reliable. The support team at Weather Metrics have always been friendly and professional."
Christopher Huwe, Market Manager

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