Stand Out and Be Unique at Your Airport!

This NO COST program provides you with a Camera that captures LIVE and time-lapse video, 24x7x365. Video feeds can be placed on your website, driving pilots to your FBO. This program is of NO cost to you, the FBO, and is a great service to pilots flying into your airport.

Be the ONLY FBO on the airport that will actually show pilots, LIVE, what the weather is doing prior to arriving, and give them a reason to stop in and use your services at your FBO.

View a few of our live airport cameras

Lambert International Airport Live Stream


Hartsfield-Jackson Airport Live Stream


Airport Video Examples

Hartsfield-Jackson Airport - Atlanta, GA

Lambert Field - St. Louis, MO


Calgary International Airport - Calgary, Canada

The Program

WMVision and Local Television Stations have partnered to deliver this unique program that benefits both the Television Station and your FBO. The program’s primary purpose is to place a camera at your FBO, which is a great open location for Meteorologists, at television stations, to show the weather from a location EVERYONE is familiar with in your City.

The primary purpose of the placement of the camera at your FBO, for the television station, is to provide a great open location for watching the weather from a location EVERYONE is familiar with in your City.

FBO will Receive in exchange for hosting the camera on their facility for the local television station, the following:

  • Access to the LIVE Web Stream from the camera on the roof of the FBO
    • We will provide you with an iFrame code that is simple to add to your website
    • Anyone that goes to your website (or all of the other websites you want to use the camera on) can see the LIVE conditions from your FBO at your airport
  • Ability to place the FBO LOGO on the live webstream on your web site
  • Ability to place the LIVE Camera Stream on a Lobby TV at the FBO as a dedicated display

FBO will Provide the following:

  • Location on the roof of the building
  • 110-volt power at the Media Encoder location
  • Internet connection (we would just plug into your Internet your location, so NOTHING special is needed i.e. no ports open, no dedicated line, no IP address, etc.)
  • Acceptable “conditioned space” for the Media Encoder within 250’ of the camera
  • Provide access to the camera as necessary for maintenance by the television station personnel

TV Station will install the unit, maintain the unit, and take care of everything else.

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