How Vulnerable is Your Remote Camera Network to Security Threats?

Do-it-yourself camera networks can be highly vulnerable and may have few safeguards in place to prevent cyber-attacks, including ransomware, that compromise your station’s data, communications, operations, image, and branding.  WMVision, formerly Weather Metrics, developed the WMVision Camera Management solution with system security at the forefront, which protects your station from security vulnerabilities commonly found with do-it-yourself solutions.

No Static IP Address Required

The WxVision solution uses SmartEncoders at remote camera sites to logically separate cameras from any internet-attached networks.  This prevents any undiscovered vulnerabilities that could be lurking in an IP camera from putting your network and infrastructure at risk!

WxVision remote camera sites do not require a public, static IP Address.  The WxVision SmartEncoder is also responsible for pushing all camera and sensor content to the cloud which negates the need for the site to be accessed externally via a publicly visible IP address.



Role Based Permissions and IP Restrictions

Support for SSO (single sign-on), role-based user permissions, and zero-trust access architecture enables multiple layers of access control and provides our users with the power to control who has access with confidence.  These features allow different members of your team to only gain access to areas of WMVision software that are valuable to them.

WMVision software is IP Address restricted, only giving IP addresses at your station access to the user interface, minimizing the risk of a security breach.

No Open Ports or Port Forwarding Required

WMVision systems are compatible with most firewalls out-of-the-box; both at the station and at remote camera sites.  This means no ports to open or forward which would open your network up to security concerns. WMVision makes it easy and we encourage the use of security products such as firewalls.




All WMVision systems are built on the Linux operating system which was chosen for its reliability and strong security stance



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