Amplify Your News and Weather Broadcasts

For over 25 years, WMVision has been working with television stations to develop WxVision camera network software. WxVision seamlessly integrates with your station’s existing remote cameras and your broadcast infrastructure to amplify the potential of your camera network.

With integrated management, weather station data, and automatic sponsorship graphic placement, every tool and feature of the WxVision software was designed to improve your workflow and elevate your news and weather broadcasts. Whether incorporating into your workflows, integrating your existing remote cameras, or selling sponsorships for your camera network, we are your partner through the entire process.

Access to over 800 Additional Cameras

Our goal is to provide our clients with the greatest products and services that help amplify their abilities to tell the news and weather stories. The WMVision MediaHub is a valuable tool built into our WxVision software that provides our clients worldwide access to over 700 cameras outside of their DMA, amplifying their storytelling potential.

With access to MediaHub, you can partner news and weather events in your DMA with video from your local camera network and also share the stories of significant events with camera content from 700+ cameras around the US and Canada. Discover new content, search for content based on keywords, and see what’s trending or “near me” via the map view feature.

Provide Compelling Content through Social Media Integration

Creating compelling content for social media can be a challenge. WMVision is your partner in developing your station’s social media strategy. WxVision software is explicitly designed to help stations enhance their local news experience. With the “one-click to post” to social media feature in WxVision software, you can quickly deliver breaking news or up-to-date weather information and stay engaging and entertaining with your audience.

Social media is a great platform to disseminate information quickly, advance your marketing goals, and create an open dialogue with your viewers. Facebook, Twitter, and other social media channels can be used to complement your on-air broadcasts and website. Reinforce your brand, spark new conversations with your viewers, and add additional sponsorship opportunities with the help of WMVision.

Seamlessly Integrate into your Website and Mobile Applications

As your viewers’ consume content online or through mobile applications increases, it is crucial that you share all of your station’s news and weather content with them where they want it. With WxVision software, easily incorporate the live stream video and the latest still image or time-lapse video of every camera in your network to your station’s website and mobile application.

WMVision makes it easy to apply your station’s branding and sponsor branding to the video stream, allowing you to generate additional sponsorship revenue. Stream your camera network on your station’s website, or share the video streams of your camera network with any other website. We are your partner in sharing your content online with your audience to drive traffic and produce additional revenue. Make your camera content accessible to your audience 24×7, allowing them to check weather conditions, traffic patterns, or a beautiful sunset.

Extend Your Content’s Reach

Are you looking to extend your station’s reach and create new revenue-generating opportunities? Look no further than FLEX Channel by WMVision. FLEX Channel is a highly effective content management system that allows your station to repurpose content already created at the station. Simultaneously distribute your digital offerings, including traditional D2 channels, OTT, and web streaming.

FLEX Channel enables your station to target specific communities and extend your station’s brand, enhancing your traditional reach on a wide variety of platforms. The additional distribution of your station’s brand and content delivers a wider variety of avenues for your viewers to connect with you and creates new revenue-generating opportunities.

Integrate with Your Station’s IPTV Initiatives?

Live cameras play an important role in telling your news and weather stories; your audience expects that same quality in every type of broadcast you produce. WMVision is your partner in incorporating your camera network into your IPTV initiatives.

WxVision software makes it easy to incorporate your camera network into any broadcast you produce, including IPTV. This added form of distribution allows your station to generate additional revenue by obtaining sponsorships for your camera network and will amplify your storytelling capabilities through IPTV.

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